A collection of updates and changes made to Expanse and Expanse: Skirmisher.

Update Log for December 2018, Patch 1.5

Introduction of new features and bug fixes

  • Addition of new Spectator mode.
  • Kill cam was finished
  • Addition of Ship loader, similar to battlezone loader, to reduce lag when ships are added
  • UI
  • Squadron button fixed
  • Notification UI fixed
  • Changes to UI for Fighters
  • Deploy UI implemented
  • Missile indicator will no longer show up when not suppose to
  • New Storefront UI
  • Ship Selection screen no longer scrolls when 5 or less ships are owned
  • HUD view depends on visibility factor now
  • Fixed Options OFF color
  • Balance
  • Changes to the level curve
  • Fighter missiles and torpedos now have range
  • Majority of ships had changes to values
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fixed chatbar after Roblox update
  • Fixed decimal point places
  • Changes keybinds of Up/Down to Shift/Ctrl
  • Removed Credits from the game. EM is used for purchasing now.

Update Log for November 2018, Patch 1.4

Updates for game improvement and quality of life.

  • Addition of server location matchmaking
  • Battlezone loading to help reduce faults in low-end devices
  • Building
  • Addition of 4 ships. Conqueror, Sequoyah, Yansa, and Victe
  • UI
  • Ship Selection scrolling fixed
  • Overhaul of UI for Expanse, see Update Article Issue 2
  • Notification Color changes
  • Gameplay
  • Updated Ship Hitbox Detection

Update Log for October 2018, Patch 1.3

Improvements to performance and design oversights.

  • Options to disable lens flares and ship trails added.
  • Added new beam and tachyon particles
  • Gameplay
  • Fixed bug concerning multiple ships being deployed at the same time.
  • Reenabled the Mercy Rule.

Update Log for September 2018, Patch 1.2

Updates to visuals and sounds to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

  • Created damaging effects such as explosions and sparks.
  • Overheat sound affect added.
  • Jump Warp effects added in.
  • Reduction to heat affects.
  • Projectile sound affects added.
  • Added lens flares to engines.
  • Added custom environment lighting for each Battlezone.
  • Made new particle engine to allow them to be seen from farther away.

Update Log for May 2018, Patch 1.1

Improvements to user access, quality and flow of gameplay, and bug fixes from previous test.

  • Fixed engine sounds.
  • Gameplay
  • Improvements to beam and tachyon cannon accuracy.
  • Improvements to post match visuals.
  • Implemented cooling system for engineer crew member.
  • Reduce heating factor in ships.
  • Created a Mercy Rule to help balance gameplay.

November 22, 2016 to January 1st, 2018, Patch 1.0

These updates are undocumented. Changes are unknown.